9th Edition

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Big Lebowski, The Opening Matt

Grease Opening Credits Laura

Yellow Submarine Eleanor Rigby Paul

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The "Let me show you my boat" Christa

Goodfellas Entering the back way Anne & Jim

My Neighbor Totoro Waiting for the bus Tod The Unamerican

Fight Club IKEA nesting instinct Chris

Animal House "The Riddle Song" Laura

Great Muppet Caper, The argument in the park Warren

Saturday Night Fever "You Should Be Dancing" Laura

Breaking Away Breakfast Paul

On the Town "New York, New York" Christa

Five Obstructions, The Who is this man? Anne & Jim The Pepe

In This World the bus to Quetta Tod

Arizona Dream Mr. Leger's talent act Mike

Ikiru a request for the piano player Albert

Horse Feathers "I'm Against It." Chris

Godfather, The asking a favor Paul The Montalban

One, Two, Three Ordering up clothes, etc. Chris

School of Rock introducing the song Anne & Jim

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World man overboard Deirdre The Jessie

Demonlover Karen's message Mike

Godspell "All for the Best" Christa

Lolita a tour of the house Laura

Shaun of the Dead Deciding what to throw Harriet

Hard Day's Night, A "Can't Buy Me Love" Tim

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring fire on the water Paul

Deep Blue Sea things are going to get worse Mike

Lady Eve, The card game Chris

Bad News Bears, The Amanda proposes an outing after the game Tod

I Heart Huckabees dinner with Steven's family Anne & Jim

M*A*S*H nursing Painless Laura

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Flight to the ford Tim

Harold and Maude "Trouble" Christa Miriam Engelberg Audience Award

West Side Story snapping Paul The Teller

Female Convict Scorpion - Jailhouse 41 opening titles Mike WTHWT?

Seabiscuit car accident Chris

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical "Romeo and Juliet" Paul

Logan's Run "lets get out of these wet clothes" Jim

LR About Schmidt 15 seconds to 5:00 Deirdre

LR Gosford Park Claudette Colbert Chris

LR Logan's Run "Do you want me to take my clothes off?" Chris

LR Rocky Horror Picture Show, The "Sweet Transvestite" Laura

LR Wonder Boys finding a joint Anne & Jim

LR Mommie Dearest no wire hangers Anne & Jim

LR Saturday Night Fever "Stayin' Alive" Deirdre

LR One, Two, Three "Have you ever made love to a revolutionary?" Chris

LR Ghost spinning pottery Deirdre

LR True Grit two-handed shooting Deirdre

LR Philadelphia Story, The front porch confrontation Laura

LR Public Enemy, The grapefruit Laura

LR Thing, The "I'm all better now" Chris

LR Almost Famous Tiny Dancer Christa

Battleship Potemkin the steps Laura The Baxter

Untouchables, The union station shootout Laura The Baxter

Brazil baby carriage on the steps Laura The Baxter

Incredibles, The missiles locked Chris

Ring, The emerging from the screen Deirdre

Flash Gordon "Go, Flash, go!" Paul

25th Hour club bathroom Mike