6th Edition

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Run, Lola, Run opening credits Chris

Toy Story 2 Buzz's mission to Zurg's planet Chris

Summer Stock Squeaky board and newspaper Paul The Teller

Oscar and Lucinda Confession Laura

Ghost World Evaluating the art projects Miriam

eXistenZ An unusual meal Mike WTHWT?

High Noon Countdown to twelve o'clock Deirdre

Wing Chun Trying to smash the tofu Harriet

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Korean Army wife backing band Anne & Christa

Kid Brother, The Shipboard chase; monkey shoes Aimee Accidental Baxter

Rio Bravo Dean & Ricky sing Tod

Go La Macarena Tony

Monkey Business Drinking the formula Perry Accidental Baxter

Help! Opening credits Tim

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" Chris

Mr. Hulot's Holiday Crooked paintings Kate

Ghostbusters ESP testing Matt

Wet Hot American Summer The cook speaks Warren

Ratcatcher House under construction; wheat field Tod

Best in Show Meeting at Starbucks Diane

Close Shave, A Gromit sentenced to jail Patrick & Catherine

Zoolander Hansel award ceremony montage Christa

Quick Change "Flores para los muertos" Emily

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Becky succumbs Laura

Waterboys Broken vending machine Chris

Pi Subway station Mike

Magnolia Suicide / homicide Paul

Roman Holiday Boca de la Verita (The Mouth of Truth) Christa The Montalban

Heist Routine police stop Perry

Bread and Tulips An intimate accordion recital Chris

Spirited Away Bathing the stink god Warren

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Walking away from the poker game Tim

Gallipoli Ending Deirdre The Jessie

Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension, The Whorfin's oratory Chris

Circus, The High-wire monkey trouble Paul Accidental Baxter

Punch-Drunk Love Meeting Lena Mike

Y tu mamá también Luisa climbs in back to try her luck with Julio Laura

Shanghai Noon Cowboy training Christa

Deep end, The Retrieving the car keys Deirdre

Sanjuro The final faceoff Tod

Caddyshack "a Cinderella story" Matt

Trekkies the guy who built a replica of Captain Pike's chair Christa

House of Yes, The Explaining wine to Lesly Tony

Dogma E.T. or Krush Groove Chris

Promises Rules of the Sabbath; chair trouble Mike

To Kill A Mockingbird Opening credits Tod Miriam Engelberg Audience Award

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls The moral of the story Mike

Book of Life, The Ending Chris