4th Edition

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Joe Versus the Volcano cast away; Come Go With Me Chris

Almost Famous confessions before a plane crash Keith

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory the boat enters the tunnel Matt

L.A. Confidential "She IS Lana Turner." Anne

Gummo lifting weights; tap dancing Barb WTHWT?

Top of the Food Chain explaining cool fusion Mike

Butterfly learning about insects; bathing in the river Jenn The Jessie

Election Tracy gets the advance results Christa Editor's Choice

Princess Mononoke boars; the elk that heals Jim

American Movie re-recording dialogue with uncle Bill Warren Best Clip

Being John Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Cary/Anu Malkovich Malkovich

Microcosmos the dung beetle Chris

Superstar burnt toast Christa Editor's Choice

Blood Simple sex in the motel; delivering the pictures Jeff W

Woman Chaser pitching the movie Mike

Third Man, The the end Albert

This is Spinal Tap album reviews Matt

Hands on a Hard Body 20-ton air conditioning unit Laura M & Mike B

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace fight with Darth Maul; force fields Chris

American in Paris, An I Got Rhythm Anne

Parents scared of the dark; swirling pool of blood Barb

Vampire's Kiss making Alva stay late Mike

Cane Toads necrophiliac toad Lynae

Music Man, The Rock Island/the traveling salesman song Christa Editor's Choice

Meet John Doe when people become heelots Tony

Barbarella receiving her mission Jim

Top Hat "Isn't It A Lovely Day to Get Caught in the Rain?" dance Chris

Crumb listening to old music Matt

All About My Mother plastic surgery monologue Karen

Magnificent Warriors rope fight (Michelle Yeoh) Chris

Death Becomes Her doctor Sydney Pollack Chris

Fight Club opening titles Matt

And Now for Something Completely Different the accountant who wants to be a lion tamer Chris

Yojimbo the fight in the street Chris

More the Merrier, The negotiating the bathroom Mike

Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, The turning off the master switch Chris

Hellzapoppin' the Harlem Congeroos / Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Chris

Big Picture, The lunch with Neil (Martin Short) Christa Editor's Choice

Thing (From Another World), The quick thinking (and talking) Chris

Billy Liar practicing his speech to Mr. Shadrac Mike

Red Shoes, The putting on the shoes Chris