3th Edition

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Spanish Prisoner, The (Trailer) theatrical trailer Chris

Tampopo opening Mike

Cabaret Wilkommen/Cabaret Deirdre

Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, The (R Rated Version) ending: the private dinner party Phillip

Rushmore the extracurricular montage Christa

Gilda "Put the Blame on Mame" Anne

Ran Lord Jiro leaves the burning fortress Tim

Freeway turning the tables on Bob Warren

Court Jester, The dueling with dual personalities Paul

Babette's Feast the turtle Ray

Supercop jumping onto the getaway van (Michelle Yeoh) Chris

Malice "I am God." Matt

Pump Up the Volume getting crazy instead of killing yourself Amy

M Elsie Beckmann goes missing Jim

Vanya on 42nd Street Yelena and Sophie have a heart to heart Chris

High Lonesome Ralph Stanley/gospel montage Chris

Careful prologue Mike WTHWT?

Big Picture, The setting the film at the beach in the summer Paul

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath car stuck on the train tracks Christa

Poison the leper murders Jim T

True Stories "Radiohead" Barb

Taxi Driver the bloody shootout Mollie

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying "A Secretary is Not a Toy" Deirdre Best Clip

It's A Gift family picnic (W.C. Fields) Tim

Tender Mercies awkward reunion Susan

Léon (The Professional) contract killing by example Warren

Paper Moon Addie helps sell the deluxe edition bible Christa

Jason and the Argonauts the skeletons attack (eventually) Chris

Shock Corridor "Nymphos!" Mike

Metropolis explosion at the factory Paul

Trouble With Angels, The new instructor/shopping for brassieres Jim T

Head of the Field, The closing montage Matt

Thief and the Cobbler, The chasing the thief through the palace Chris

Stranger Than Paradise watching football Lee Editor's Choice

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! speed trial Tim

Beauty and the Beast "Be Our Guest" Paul

Graduate, The scuba suit Jim

Naked the end of the world is nigh Chris

Ed Wood watching Vampira on TV Christa

Army of Darkness kicking ass/building a new hand Susan

Days of Being Wild walking along by the train tracks/ending Warren

Dial M for Murder a convenient pair of scissors Christa

Mystery Train trying to elicit a smile Mike

Balcony, The conclusion Tim

Cannonball Run II loose plot ends Chris

Breaking the Waves drinking contest Lee Editor's Choice

Caddyshack heart to heart with the Judge Jim (3)

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut opening Mike

Soylent Green ending Chris