2nd Edition

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Player, The opening tracking shot Chris

Tapeheads closed-circuit security cam music video JoEllen

Wind in the Willows, The assault on the rats Bryce

Big Lebowski, The Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) Anne & Jim & JoEllen

Odd Couple, The (first) poker game Leslie

Apollo 13 checking the math Chris

General, The firing the cannon Tony

Can't Stop the Music opening credits: Steve Gutenberg rollerskating Christa

Thin Blue Line, The introductions Laura M & Mike B Editor's Choice

Sweet Smell of Success, The dinner with the senator Mike

Fargo reporting to the police while shoveling the drive Anne & Jim

Malcolm X Lindy hop (Flying Home) Chris

Suture opening: How do we know who we are? Chris

Little Murders non-traditional wedding (Donald Sutherland) Mike

Scrooged Marley's ghost (John Forsythe) Peter

Brain Donors duck hunting at the ballet Chris

Like Water for Chocolate quail in rose petal sauce/Gertrudis is carried off Laura M & Mike B Editor's Choice

Clerks insulting the video rental customer Matt

Boogie Nights Jesse's Girl Anne & Jim Best Clip

Supercop kicking ass in pigtails (Michelle Yeoh) Chris

Better Off Dead... foreign exchange student Anne & Jim

Cinema Paradiso the town turns out for movie night Mollie

Bringing Up Baby I Can't Give You Anything But Love Christa

Lumiere and Company David Lynch's contribution Mike WTHWT?

Seven Chances running from the jilted brides Chris

Se7en opening titles Chris

Bedazzled the convent Christa

Underneath, The in the hospital Mike

Ball of Fire asking Miss O'Shea to leave Chris

Who Am I This Time? picnic lunch Lee

Safe getting a perm Chris

Stunt Man, The riding the crane Chris

Night at the Opera, A the stateroom Chris

Cinema Paradiso the kissing reel/Fine Christa