17th Edition

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Oz the Great and Powerful opening titles Elise ❤❤❤❤

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the Queen’s transformation Paul Editor's Choice

That's Entertainment Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland Mike

My Sister Eileen rivals dance with hats Tod ❤❤❤

Despicable Me Gru presents his plan Ben

Tron: Legacy light cycle arena Tim The Bodhi ❤❤

Steamboat Bill Jr. buildings collapsing all around Christa The Montalban ❤❤❤

Pina en pointe at the factory Deirdre

Illusionist, The trapeze billboard painting Warren

The Fisher King Grand Central Terminal waltz Matt

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Officer Earl confronts Flint Lockwood Tim The Pepe

Swing Time showing Mr. Gordon the step Penny taught him Paul The Harold & Fayard, Editor's Choice

Water “You’re a widow now.” Laura ❤❤

The Adventures of Tintin chase through Bagghar Chris

The More the Merrier kissing on the stoop Tim Il Bacio

E.T. waiting for a reply Jasper

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, The the Crack of Doom Ben

My Fair Lady “Ascot Gavotte” Deirdre

Despicable Me 2 afraid to call Lucy Brennan & Kian ❤❤

The Aviator Kate and Howard’s night flight Matt ❤❤❤

Accidental Spy, The naked in the marketplace Chris ❤❤

Everyone Says I Love You “I’m Through With Love” Mike

Kiki's Delivery Service rescuing Tombo Chris ❤❤

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Holy Motors Entr’acte Mike The Unamerican, Miriam Engelberg Audience Award ❤❤❤❤❤

The Shining Opening titles Tod Accidental Baxter

Room 237 the genocide of the American Indian Paul Accidental Baxter, Editor's Choice

ParaNorman retrieving the book Warren

Bagdad Cafe who changed my office Laura

The Three Stooges working on the roof Ronan ❤❤

Bringing Up Baby just went gay all of a sudden Sean

Jiro Dreams of Sushi improving technique over time Jim

Super 8 rehearsing the shot -> all mayhem breaks loose Anne ❤❤❤❤

Picnic “First, you’ve got to set the rhythm” Matt ❤❤

Good Morning, Vietnam Lt. Hauk (Bruno Kirby) goes on the air Paul Editor's Choice

Good Hair what hurt more, getting shot or the relaxer? Laura

2 Days in New York Vincent Gallo Harriet

The Pianist dodging flame throwers Anne

Get Shorty “Look at me like I’m looking at you.” Tim

Broadway Melody of 1936 “Sing Before Breakfast” Tod

Queen of Versailles feeding the lizard Deirdre

Computer Chess a personal project Mike ❤❤

Iron Man 3 with just a glove and boot Chris

Sunset Blvd meeting Norma Sean

Heat with a wave Shane

Bridesmaids Megan visits Annie Christa

Black Narcissus struggle on the cliff’s edge Neven The Teller ❤❤

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Baraka Kecak (Ramayana monkey chant) Deirdre ❤❤

Tango the disappeared Laura

My Sister Eileen strolling and snapping Tod

Waltz With Bashir kid with a RPG Jim

LR The Lost World: Jurassic Park running... and screaming... Chris

LR Reservoir Dogs K-Billy radio: Big Daddy Don Bodine’s truck Paul

LR Kuch Kuch Hota Kai dancing with kids Tim

LR Psycho mother not feeling herself today Paul

LR Soapdish “peppy” and “cheap” Chris

LR Help! Liverpool neighbor ladies Chris

LR Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) “Attention, sperm” Tod

LR In the Loop “easy peasy lemon squeezy” Christa

LR Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules “mommy has looked a thousand times” Chris

LR Kicking and Screaming testy and antsy Chris

LR I Give It A Year R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y Mike

LR Deathtrap “bang bang” Neven

LR Pootie Tang death at the steel mill Chris

LR Up Dug’s joke Tim

LR Bend It Like Beckham cell phone ringing at the party Christa

LR Camp “And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going” Chris

LR The Outlaw “You’re looking plenty sassy" Chris

LR Mary Poppins Bert’s list of lady acquaintances Chris

LR Office Space rapping along in the car Paul

LR Soapdish overhead snaps Chris

LR Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow training with the bowl of water Neven

LR The Man With the Golden Gun “Moneypenny, you are better than a computer” Chris

Tristram Shandy testing the womb Harriet

Leviathan seagulls overhead Mike

Django Unchained quibbling over eyeholes Warren

Demon Seed Proteus breaks loose Neven

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs calling Sam for a date Chris

Beasts of the Southern Wild “I’m the man!” Laura ❤❤

Five Year Engagement, The Cookie and Elmo talk Jim ❤❤❤

Tropic Thunder the opening battle scene Shane

LR Duck Soup playing jacks in the conference room Chris

LR Despicable Me Agnes’ unicorn song Paul

LR E.T. “This is reality, Greg” Jim

LR Dog Soldiers “that time of the month” Neven

LR Super 8 finished film: the train crash Jim

LR Diary of a Wimpy Kid play audition Christa

LR Beverly Hills Cop not listening to Jeffrey Chris

LR Kicking and Screaming rather be bow hunting Chris

LR The Man With the Golden Gun martial arts school faceoff Chris

LR Ted “a non-restricted place” Chris

LR In the Loop “difficult difficult lemon difficult” Christa

LR Idiocracy Justin long is screaming Chris

LR Singham an improbable car stunt Chris

LR Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days the laughingest laugher Chris

LR Mary Poppins Mr. Dawes Sr. gets the joke Chris

LR ParaNorman post-credits sequence Warren

LR Mary Poppins slow clap Chris

Catch-22 “Watch where you put your hands, Yossarian” Matt

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter horse stampede chase Paul/Harriet Malkovich Malkovich

Brain Candy “I’m gay!” Shane

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf “Pow, you’re dead” Sean The Jessie ❤❤❤

Jerk, The the ashtray, the remote control, and the paddle game Christa

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