13th Edition

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Tropic Thunder trailer for Scorcher VI Paul

Contact signals in space Tim

Elf Opening (Bob Newhart) Christa

Guys and Dolls "Fugue for Tinhorns" Christa

Way Down East ice floe rescue Deirdre

Ratatouille "You cannot be Mommy!" Ben

On the Town Miss Turnstiles Diane & Evie

Surf's Up carving the surf board Tallulah

Mauvais Sang "Modern Love" Tod The Unamerican

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy "The shovel is my pick." Tallulah Accidental Baxter

Pretty in Pink "Try a Little Tenderness" Laura

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Owl's house in a storm Jim

Star Wars TIE fighter attack Chris

Paint Your Wagon "I Talk to the Trees" Paul

2001: A Space Odyssey "Open the pod bay doors, Hal." Tim The Montalban

Dude, Where's My Car? tattoos Matt The Pepe, Accidental Baxter

Colma: The Musical "Colma Stays" Harriet

Mulan suiting up Ben

Young Frankenstein put the candle back Tallulah

Hard Day's Night Ringo goes for a walk Sara

Drumline final showdown Chris

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Pontypool opening credits monologue Mike

Duplicity opening credits slow-motion fight Mike

Private Eyes, The loose collar Chris

Third Man, The ferris wheel chat David Editor's Choice

Wordplay reading the mail Anne

Rear Window a kiss from Lisa Tim Il Bacio

Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The waking up in the hospital Warren

Robocop waking up in the hospital Chris

Be Kind, Rewind Sweding one-shot Laura

Destry Rides Again "You've Got That Look" Harriet

Blazing Saddles "I'm Tired" Harriet

Apartment, The spaghetti dinner, interrupted Sara

Sherman's March blind date Laura

Burn After Reading JK Simmons #1 Tod

Coraline performing with the ladies Warren

M capturing the criminal David Editor's Choice

Muppet Movie, The "Never Before, Never Again" Christa

Double Indemnity suicide tables Jim

Days of Heaven locusts Paul Miriam Engelberg Audience Award, The Teller

Wizards armies marching Paul

Viva Las Vegas Rusty rehearses Chris

United 93 air traffic near-collision Anne The Jessie

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JCVD opening credits one-shot action sequence Mike

Bonnie and Clyde drinking Cokes Jim

Sunshine opening the sun filter Laura

Wayward Cloud, The date with Chen (musical number) Warren

Sexy Beast opening credits (ÒPeachesÓ) Mike

Midnight Run Sidney, shut your mouth Chris

Eraserhead leaving for the night Tod

Casino Royale (1967) the villain revealed Tim

Postman Always Rings Twice, The Cora considers murder Jim

Babes in Arms "Minstrel Man" Chris

Sukiyaki Western Django Tarantino story Harriet WTHWT?

Tropic Thunder a call from Flaming Dragon Warren & Harriet

Magnolia hail of frogs Anne

LR Midnight Run Is this going to upset me? Chris

LR Speed Pop quiz, hotshot Chris

LR Office Space come in on Saturday Chris

LR Ferris Bueller's Day Off Bueller? Chris

LR Stagecoach horse jumping stunt Tim

LR High Anxiety BIIIIIG truck Chris

LR City of Ember Bill Murray gets eaten Harriet

LR Day At the Races watch has stopped Chris

LR Metropolitan trying to rent a car Christa

LR Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Billy jumps off the roof Jim

LR Day At the Races Say Aaaah Chris

LR Speed why are they messing with me? Chris

LR Sherman's March beekeeping Laura

LR Midnight Run did you give me any trouble? Chris

LR Private Eyes, The Pigeon #1 Chris

LR Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The zapped Anne

LR Escape From LA bangkok rules Harriet

LR Big Night el timpano Christa

LR Robocop NukEm Chris

LR Religulous look out, your head's on fire Jim

LR Waitress comparing problems Harriet

LR Day At the Races It's early yet Chris

LR Over the Hedge no fighting while driving Tim

LR Speed Pop quiz, asshole Chris

Repo Man plate of shrimp Tim

Repo: The Genetic Opera "Seventeen" Paul

Paths of Glory march to the firing line David Editor's Choice

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Prince Herbert's guards Matt Accidental Baxter

Big Night final scene Christa

Burn After Reading JK Simmons #2 Tod

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