12th Edition

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WALL·E opening Chris

4 opening Mike

Outsiders, The walking through town Christa

La Dolce Vita Trevi fountain Laura The Montalban

Enchanted "Happy Working Song" Harriet

Wizard of Oz, The Professor Marvel Christa

THX 1138 confession Matt

Kung Fu Panda panda's dream Warren

King and I, The dancing arm in arm Deirdre

Who's Minding the Store? The Typewriter Paul

Iron Man first test of the rocket boots Chris

Purple Rose of Cairo, The Tom steps off the screen Laura

Dhoom 2 train confrontation Harriet

King of Kong, The: A Fistful of Quarters "Daddy, wipe my bottom" Anne & Jim

La Traviata "Of my ardent senses" Sara

Main Hoon Na "Gori Gori" Tim The Unamerican

Sky High hero or sidekick? Paul

Saddest Music in the World, The Siam vs. Mexico Laura

Sound of Music, The discovered by Rolfe Christa

Country Bears, The the arm farter Deirdre

Hairspray "Run and Tell That" Chris

Scanner Darkly, A 18-speed bicycle Bryce

Glengarry Glen Ross Alec Baldwin Chris & Matt

Barfly the angels are everywhere Tod The Pepe

Raiders of the Lost Ark drinking contest Christa

They Live trying on the sunglasses Matt The Baxter

Grey Gardens unusual fashion statement Deirdre

Graduate, The "April Come She Will" David

Fish Called Wanda, A "Disappointed" Chris

There Will Be Blood oil rig accident Paul The Jessie

Trouble in Tahiti "Trouble in Tahiti" Sara

Point Break foot chase Tod The Bodhi

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo hospital boogie Jim

Persepolis Iron Maiden cassette Laura

Manchurian Candidate, The garden party brainwashing David

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure strange things afoot at the Circle K Anne & Jim

Minority Report spiders search building Tim

All That Jazz table read Mike

Brick "I want to see The Pin" Tony

Kramer vs. Kramer playground accident Christa

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb phone call with Moscow Paul

Jerk, The "You Belong to Me" Chris

Videodrome the television speaks Matt The Baxter

Quick and the Dead, The DiCaprio v. Hackman Harriet

Napoleon Dynamite big game nostalgia Warren

Casshern walking out of the fire Tim

Nosferatu the death ship Jim

Galaxy Quest the chompers Chris

Thoroughly Modern Millie chloroform & elevator Harriet The Teller

Sita Sings the Blues "Who's That Knockin' at My Door?" Mike Miriam Engelberg Audience Award, WTHWT?

Raging Bull La Motta v. Cerdan Chris

LR They Live "I'm all out of bubblegum" Chris

LR Reservoir Dogs slow motion walk in profile Chris

LR Hello, Dolly! "Put on your sunday clothes" Chris

LR Roxanne "the ladder is up" Chris

LR Glengarry Glen Ross "the leads are weak" Matt

LR Ocean's 11 the thing with the guy in the place Chris

LR Return from Witch Mountain "You will now cause total chaos" Anne

LR It Came From Beneath the Sea SF Ferry Building Tim

LR Lion King, The "lovely bunch of coconuts" Chris

LR Modern Times shift relief Jim

LR Glengarry Glen Ross "what's your name?' Matt

LR Fifth Element, The cab chase Chris

LR Roxanne "erdmore sessions by sleeving: Chris

LR Princess Bride, The "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya" Chris

LR Simpsons Movie, The naked Bart Paul

LR Me And You And Everyone We Know "Is it a classic?" Chris

LR Logan's Run "plankton" Bryce

LR Tomorrow Never Dies hallway kicks Chris

LR Escape from New York "I heard you were dead" Chris

LR Ocean's 11 you think we need one more Chris

LR Glengarry Glen Ross "ABC" Matt

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang cold read Tod

My Winnipeg frozen horse heads Mike

Ratatouille Remembrance of things past Laura

Matrix, The red or blue --> hive Matt The Baxter

Way Out West cowboy song Chris

Once Upon a Time in the West Harmonica arrives on the train Tim

Kabluey can of beer Paul

Godfather, The baptism David

Hello, Dolly! "It Only Takes a Moment" Chris