1st Edition

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Schizopolis before the film begins Mike

Joe Versus the Volcano opening Tony

His Girl Friday Walter, Hildy, Bruce all talk at once Christa

Toy Story army men & the baby monitor Bryce

Chungking Express opening Warren Editor's Choice

Catch-22 Major Major (Bob Newhart) Matt

Down Argentine Way the Nicholas Brothers Tim

Muppet Treasure Island "Cabin Fever" Tara

Lawrence of Arabia returning from the desert (the "little tiny dot you can't see on TV" scene) Deirdre

Xanadu clothes shopping "All Over the World" Cheryl

Henry V St. Crispin's Day speech Kathy

It Happened One Night on the bus: Shapely comes on strong Emily

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes really small meeting room Tara

Delicatessen bedsprings Jim

Royal Warriors final fight scene (Michelle Yeoh) Chris

Sweet Smell of Success, The "You're a cookie full of arsenic." Mike

Wayne's World watching for planes at night Anne

Madame Sousatzka piano lesson and cookies Diane

Small Town Girl jumping jumping jumping Mick

Sweetie seeds pushing up through soil Lee

Charade Audrey meets Cary Karen

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb dropping the bomb Bobby

Down By Law opening Warren Editor's Choice

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Opening titles Christa

Kicking and Screaming "Cookie Man" Anne

Truly Madly Deeply opening Chris

Silent Movie suits of armor Chris

Network negotiating contracts with commie badasses Christa

"Ulysses" IBM industrial video, montage promoting laserdisc technology Bobby

Living in Oblivion producer & cinematographer argue/wearing an eyepatch Anne

Lost in America asking Garry Marshall for their money back Mike

Aliens "12 meters...11 meters...10 meters...." Chris

Barton Fink reporting to Geisler Mike & Matt

Bull Durham "You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball." Mike & Matt

Hudsucker Proxy, The The hula hoop is born Chris & Christa

Kicking and Screaming book group Christa

5000 Fingers of Dr. T, The the whammy dance Chris

Night of the Hunter, The the children escape on the river Mike Best Clip

Metropolitan first party Mike

Ishtar "Leaving Some Love in My Will" / songwriting montage Chris

After Hours Paul's explanation of why he hasn't gone home Chris

Golddiggers of 1935 whole lot of tap dancers goin on Chris

What's Up, Doc? plate glass; Chinese dragon Chris

Back to the Future, Part II ending Chris